Jeffrey Law

BCIT Technology Support Professional Graduate



Active Directory Capstone Project

Created an IT infrastructure environment using Hyper-V.

  • Set up a Firewall/NAT router using pfSense and DHCP server using CentOS 7.
  • Configured DNS, OUs, and Security Groups following best practices.
  • Configured a RAID 6 iSCSI vSAN.
  • Created a Clustered Hyper-V environment and Failover Cluster fileserver.
  • Created GPOs to map drives and redirect user Desktop and Documents folder onto a file share.

Linux Mail Server Project

  • Set up mail servers using Postfix and Dovecot on CentOS 7 to send emails between users.
  • Configured Apache webserver and SquirrelMail to view emails from a web interface.

Job App Tracker

A web app for keeping track of job applications. Deployed using Gitlab CI/CD, Docker, Nginx on a VPS.

Popup Flashcards

A Chrome extension that pops up flashcards while you surf the Internet.

  • Review flashcards manually by clicking the extension icon or enable popup flashcards onto webpages.
  • Import cards from Anki or create your own cards using csv files.


A Chrome extension to limit the amount of visits to a website. Set a maximum number of visits to a website for a specified period of time and restrict access if the limit is exceeded.

Virtual Wardrobe

A web app to store, share, and randomize outfits by uploading your wardrobe online.


A web app that helps you decide on what to eat and shows related restaurants nearby your location.


A Python application to calculate GPA following BCIT's guidelines. Users can import existing CSV file to calculate GPA and save course entries into a CSV file.